Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Share Tips & Best Practices for Summer Learning During Tonight's #NYCSchoolsTechChat

I hope you'll join us for our fourth monthly #NYCSchoolsTechChat taking place today, Wednesday, July 13th at 4 pm. The topic is "Summer Learning." It will be led by Twitter Chat Queen, @eileen_lennon (@NYCSchools) with me, @InnovativeEdu  (@NYCSchools) and @TaliCSM (@CommonSenseEd) serving as trusted co-hosts.

The chat will serve as an opportunity to share how you learn best, where you learn best, and some great links for where to learn more this summer.

You can prepare for the chat by thinking about answers to these five questions:
  • Q1 What topics are you most interested in exploring this summer, now that you have time?
  • Q2 How are you learning this summer? (eg: via social med, books, PDs) & what do you like most about learning this way?
  • Q3 How do you plan to extend this learning into the school year? #NYCSchoolsTechChat
  • Q4 Give a shout out & share what you’ve learned from a past, present, or future #NYCSchoolsTechChat participant
  • Q5  Share links to your favorite books, sites, spaces, resources for learning & connecting

Remember to respond using the hashtag and question you are responding to.

Here's an example:
A1: This summer I am learning abt #Virtual Reality. #NYCSchoolsTechChat

I hope you'll join the conversation tonight at 4 pm est to give and get ideas about learning this summer.

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