Thursday, July 7, 2016

This Trick Will Make You Twitter Famous & Why It Matters

Innovative educators who use Twitter know that it is one of the most powerful tools for learning and building your professional network. People come together from across the globe who are passionate about a variety of topics.  My favorite topics are student voice, the innovative educators I work with in New York City, bring your own device, education technology, mobile learning and homeschooling.

On Twitter such topics come with hashtags. Mine look like this:

These are the tags I use often in my Tweets. They are also the tags that allow me to become famous on Twitter and can help you too.  

Here’s the trick.

In addition to using the hashtags when you Tweet, also use the hashtags in your Twitter bio.  Note: You must do both. When you do, you will be listed when others look up the “Accounts” or “Top” Tweets of Twitter users known for various topics which are identified via hashtags.  

Here’s what it looks like when you look up hashtags via “Accounts.” You see the accounts of those who have used the hashtag in their Tweets AND bio.

Here’s what it looks like when you look via “Top.” First you see the accounts of the “Top” users of that hashtag, then you see the “Top” Tweets:

Tip:  It’s a good idea to change the hashtags in your bio as your interests change.  

Why does doing this matter?

  1. It is an effective way to connect with other leaders in the field
  2. It is an efficient way to develop your professional learning network
  3. You will become a go-to person in the media when they want to learn or interview someone on a topic you love

Consider this:

How can this be useful to your students?