Saturday, April 3, 2021

Update: Why I Haven't Been Writing

Writing during a pandemic

You would think a pandemic would be a wonderful time to write. And, it was. At least for the first six months of the pandemic. At that time, I was writing a lot. It was at this time that hardly anyone was seeing anyone outside their home face-to-face. Most people weren't traveling either. I was not living with friends or family, so my interactions with people was strictly video or with neighbors who happened to be outside (six feet away) when I was.  

Connecting during a pandemic

Once October rolled around however, some of my friends and I began connecting outdoors in our small group of beach volleyball players. It felt good to reconnect for the first time in months, with those close to me. We went back to the beach and played volleyball outdoors several times a week. We played in the mornings, afternoon, and evenings. After we played we watched the ocean, the sky, had food and drinks on the beach. 

After being isolated so long, all I have wanted to do in my spare time is be outdoors, on the beach, playing volleyball and hanging out with my friends. It trumps all other activities, television, social media, dating, and even writing.  

When you have something taken away, you appreciate and value it more. For that reason, my priorities right now are the face-to-face time I can spend outdoors on the beach with those close to me. Today, the weather is not conducive to playing and it's a weekend, so no work either. Since I had the chance, I jumped over here to my other passion, writing, to say I'm still here, but just with different priorities right now.

I'll be back

I have some ideas for future blog posts, so please do stay subscribed and know that while I'm not sure when I will be back, it will definitely happen.

Four women on the beach in front of a beach volleyball court
Beautiful beach volleyball day & beautiful friends