Sunday, October 30, 2016

Essential Guide to Modern Learning: 10 #EdTech Considerations

Author and professor Liz Kolb and I had a lively conversation where we discussed ten considerations to guide the use of tech in modern classrooms. Take a look and think about how you would answer these questions.

The 10  considerations:
  1. Assessing Learning Through #EdTech Tools
  2. Combating Digital Inequity
  3. Creating Sustained Professional Learning Opportunities

Want to know my thoughts? Read The Innovative Educator blog, where I will share my suggestions and insights around each consideration. As each is published, I will update this post with a link to each blog post that addresses each consideration.  

Until then if you want to share what you hope I'll touch upon in any of these considerations or if you have insights, please share in the comments.

This is the first in a series sharing insights from my conversation with author and professor Liz Kolb, who is teaching a course at the University of Michigan that addresses ways technology supports modern teaching and learning.