Friday, November 26, 2021

Fave Fitness & Tone Tracker

Innovative educators know the importance of health, fitness, and tone to best serve students, staff, and families. There's great technology to help you do just that. I've tried a variety of devices including Fitbit, Oura ring, Whoop, and Amazon Halo. My top choice for what to use is the Amazon Halo View (with a screen) or Amazon Halo Band (no screen).

Most fitness trackers have standard features like heart rate, heart rate variability, steps, sleep, etc. The reason I like this device best is because it has features that many of the others don't. Here is what is different on this device from others. 

  1. Great price: The Halo Band and Halo View can be purchased for as low as $49 during a sale to $100 which is much less than some of the competition. The first 6 months - year subscription usually comes with purchase and then the cost is about $3.99 a month. 
  2. The partnerships: Halo partners with providers diet, meditation, and fitness providers like WeightWatchers, Orangetheory, Sweat, headspace, and more. This means you have a whole library of recipes, meditations, and exercise programs.
  3. Personalized program: The Halo measures your body composition and gives you a personalized exercise program based on your movement.
  4. Tone: Wonder how you sound to your students? Tone tells you just how you sound so you can stregthen your communication. 
Now all you have to do is determine if you want a screen or not then treat yourself to a Halo Band and Halo View.
The Halo Band from the Amazon websiteHalo view from Amazon website