Thursday, May 15, 2008

Five Googley Ideas to Engage Learners

Google has become a terrific teaching and learning partner to me over the years which is one of the reasons I was excited to become a Google Certified Educator (GCT). Now, one year later, I am reflecting upon my Fav Five (and freee!) Google educational tools and then I’ll give ya a peak into how they can be used to enhance classroom instruction.

Fav Five GooglelyTools to Enhance Instruction

Earth - Explore the world from your computer

Docs - Create and share your projects online and access them from anywhere

Book Search - Search the full text of books

Translate - View web pages or any text in other languages

SMS - Use text messaging for quick info about anything you can imagine

These are incredible tools with amazing educational value, but you’ve heard that before about other technologies, nodded your head in agreement but perhaps also wondered…how???? I’ve collaborated with some colleagues to come up with a couple classes that show exactly how these tools can be used to enhance teaching and learning.

Get Going with Google Research Applications class

In this class participants discover how various Google research tools can enhance their ability to use the inquiry process and build understanding. The Information Fluency Continuum is used as a guide to thinking about these research tools. Participants leave able to use a Google collaborative document to develop and share thinking, and tools to discover and create knowledge including Google SMS, Google Scholar, Google Books, Google Blog Search, and Google Translate. Here is an outline of each session.

Enrich a Severe Weather Unit with Google Apps

In this class participants become hurricane detectives and discover how to use Google Apps, such as Google Earth and Google Collaborative Docs, to support a “Severe Weather” unit of study. Here is an outline of each session.

Google Me at...
In this class participants discover and explore how they can create an active digital footprint that will impact how they are seen by Google. Here is an outline of each session.

*Note: this class has yet to be created. If you are interested in collaborating to create it go here.

Innovative educators can access all materials in these classes for free and use them to enhance teaching and learning in their own communities. If you do, or plan to, please comment here to share your plans or results.

Good luck in your Googley Goings On.


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  1. Hi Lisa :)
    How can one become Cerified Googley? I want to become one too :)
    And How can I find other Goodleys in the Cyber Space? I really want to read what they write.
    Thank you

  2. Hi Maria,

    Good questions that others will probably have too. I've placed the answers at the end of the post under "Learn more."

  3. Pretty cool tip on google search via text message in the NY Sun article.