Monday, June 23, 2008

The Workaround for Setting Up Accounts for Students Even if You Don't Have Their Email

Have you ever wanted to set up accounts for students on the web (i.e. Wikispaces, Ning, etc.) where email was required but you don't have the emails?

This came up when I was facilitating a recent class and we took advantage of the teachable moment with the help of Ellen, one of the participants. As an ed tech specialist and practicing classroom innovative educator, she has plenty of experience with this issue and confidently walked us through the process. Knowing that other Innovative Educators would find this helpful too. I asked, and she agreed, to write a blog laying out each step in the process called When you absolutely, positively need your kids to have an email account, but don’t want one that works, posted at her blog: I think, therefore I am. I'm sure you'll find this and other posts on her blog quite informative.

Thanks Ellen!

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