Thursday, July 10, 2008

Stop blaming your Blackberry for your lack of self-discipline

I really enjoyed this post from my close friend and author Penenlope Trunk. Here's an excerpt. If you find it interesting, you can click on the title link below for the whole post.

Stop blaming your Blackberry for your lack of self-discipline

Are you thinking your Blackberry use is out of control and you need to turn it off? Forget it. The problem is not the Blackberry, it’s you.

The Blackberry actually gives you the freedom to effectively mix your personal life and work life so that they don’t have to compete with each other.

Don’t talk to me about the idea that the Blackberry undermines your ability to have work-life balance. First, the idea that you could ever have it is ridiculous. But a Blackberry at least gives you hope.

Without a Blackberry, you always had to choose one or the other. Work and life were always competing for large chunks of time in the day. But with the Blackberry, you can have a blended life where work life and personal life complement each other. What I mean is that the Blackberry makes it so you can always do work but also always do your personal life, so you choose which one has priority, minute to minute.

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