Monday, April 20, 2009

If you could have one innovative educational idea funded, what would it be?

I asked my Facebook and Twitter friends, "If you could have one innovative educational idea funded, what would it be?" Here's what they said:

David Give every kid a laptop. Turn it into a virtual textbook from the 1800s. Make them read it and write a paper synthesizing what they've learned. Either that or putting exercise bicycles (or just those yoga balls) for students to sit on in class.


Automating performance based assessment so teachers could actually teach again.


Give every child a multiple-choice literacy test in January. Spend the two months before the test drilling them on the skills they will need for the test. Give them lots of practice tests so they can hone their test-taking skills. Make the data from these tests available to the teachers no later than July, so they can see what skills their students were having problems with during the school year.

I realize that this is the system that's in place now. But it would be nice to have it funded.




I think bill is on to something


Have Google put each grade level curriculum in an easily accessible format for self learning. Provide every child with a laptop. Get rid of all schools, textbooks, teachers, and boards of ed. Let the kids and their parents take responsibility for their progress. Huge tax cut for all with money not being wasted on inefficient school system.


Portability (netbooks + wi-fi + online collaboration) leveraging social media to create more change.


Laptops (small) for every student, with software


Install streaming servers in every school and load it with best practices and videos


I would have to for teachers in the use of technology.


Mobile learning would be my choice


Creative globalization - encouraging students to become actively involved in creative change in community, nation & world about.


Provide each one of my students a Kindle


I would have the greatest resource funded...teachers...teachers are my districts greatest and most innovative educational resource.


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  1. I agree with James and will take it one step further--support new teachers through ABCTE's alternative certification program ( so that every child gets the quality teacher they deserve.