Thursday, April 29, 2010

Podcast on Harnessing the Power of Cells - Thursday, April 29

Tonight Willyn Webb and I will be on EdTechTalk discussing how you can use cell phones to enrich teaching and learning even in schools that ban them on Thursday, April 28th. This is a subject that I have gotten in trouble for, discussed on my blog and about which I am writing a book

Readers who are interested in Harnessing the power of cell phones to engage learners and enrich teaching should plan to tune in.

Here's what we'll be discussing:
  • Combating the digital divide with cells
  • How I got in trouble for helping teachers harness the power of cells
  • Making a case for cells to schools that ban them
  • Ideas for using cells even in schools where they are banned
  • Strategies educators can use to begin harnessing the power of cell phones in classrooms today
  • Supporting research-based strategies with cell phones
  • How to keep the conversation going
I hope you'll join us live at 7:30 pm eastern standard time. Log on to 15 minutes prior to ensure you are able to log on. We look forward to connecting soon.


  1. Thanks for a great show tonight, Willyn and Lisa! It will be a podcast tomorrow

    Check it out!

    Alice, Cheryl and Bob

  2. Was wonderful talking to the "Ed Tech Talk" crew. We had a great time and loved the conversation. Every time we talk we learn and grow. Thank you so much for inviting us into your world allowing us to all get a little smarter.

  3. I can only conclude that the multi-billion dollar cell phone industry is the silent partner behind this advocacy. No one goes to this extent of endorsing a product or service without compensation of some sort, either on a personal or institutional level.

    I've said it before, it's really sad when educators willingly embrace corporate America and what it stands for.

  4. @marksrightbrain, your conclusion is wrong. There is no partner behind the ideas I share with educators to help students harness the power of the devices they already own to enrich learning. No cell phone or company is endorsed. I'm just interested in providing educators, parents, and students with ideas for using cells and other digital devices as tools to support learning.

  5. That's funny, because I know that telecom gazillionaire Jeff Pulver is the brains and bucks behind the 140 conference. It doesn't matter if one is pushing twitter, facebook, or cell phones... the motivation is always the same... profit.

    Education should have no part of it. Big Business corrupts and destroys. The rich get richer and poor get poorer. The last two years of American history is proof of that belief.

  6. @marksrightbrain, My name is Lisa Nielsen, not Jeff Pulver. I'm sure there are plenty of people who make money with technology and all sorts of things, however, there is no silent partner behind my advocacy. I support people in using the power of technology so they can be prepared for the world in which they live, connect with others who share passions, get smarter about things in which they are interested, etc. etc.

  7. I note that The Fountainhead is one of your favorite novels. I commend your choice. However, you don't see any parallels here?

  8. @marksrightbrain, no, I'm not following. I guess I need you to spell it out.

  9. The movement (or mob) that's wielding power in the educational field at present is this whole Curriculum 21 juggernaut. The Pulvers/Robinsons/Pinks/Jobs's behind the movement (or mob) represent the Wynand figurehead. The understated conceit they express is that if teachers do not subordinate themselves entirely to the will of this movement (or mob), they won't be good teachers. So one has to choose between being a Keating or a Roark. I see a clear conflict between the axiomatic belief that success=$$$ and maintaining one's moral principles. That's one of the core themes of the novel. Some of us seem so desperate in our mission to educate that we're willing to surrender ourselves wholesale to a powerful force that seems to operate under the deceptive pretense of altruism.