Friday, April 30, 2010

Podcast - Cell Phones: Out of the Pocket and Into the Classroom

2010-04-29 Seedlings Chat with Lisa Nielsen and Willyn Webb

Bob Sprankle and Cheryl Oakes are joined by two advocates for educators and students using the tools they already own!
  • Willyn Webb: Author, Counselor at Alternative HS having success with cells in a district where it's banned
  • Lisa Nielsen: Creator of The Innovative Educator Blog, Tech Innovation Manager in NYC, empowering educators to harness the power of the tools in their pockets

Topics discuss include:
  • Combating the digital divide with cells
  • How I (Lisa) got in trouble for helping teachers harness the power of cells
  • Making a case for cells to schools that ban them
  • How to use cells even in schools where they are banned
  • Strategies educators can use to begin harnessing the power of cell phones in classrooms today
  • Supporting research-based strategies with cell phones
  • How to keep the conversation going

To listen to the show and read the show notes and chat click the links below:

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