Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rookie A.P.

By Jacob Gutnicki

Monday, Period 0

Bill Perkinson the new Math Assistant Principal at Burrhus Frederic Skinner High School was not in a good mood. Why did Michael Lotta insist on insulting students? He could be so infuriating. The principal warned him to be careful with Michael. The warning was etched in his head. “Be cautious. Michael has been here a long time. He has lots of allies within the school community, knows the teacher contract very well, and was a union chapter leader for 11 years.”

Never the less, what could he do? Two parents complained that Mr. Lotta was cruel to their children. It was time to lay down the law and let him know this kind of behavior would not be tolerated. With this in mind, Bill sent an e-mail to Mr. Lotta stating that he will be meeting with him to discuss a disciplinary issue during the 7th period on Tuesday.

Wednesday, Period 0

Mr. Lotta did not show at the scheduled Tuesday meeting. Bill feels slighted and decides to place a letter in Mr. Lotta’s file. After all, failure to show up to a requested meeting can be deemed as an act of insubordination.

Wednesday, Period 3

Mr. Lotta storms into Bill Perkinson’s office.

Mr. Lotta- “What is the meaning of this?”

Bill - “You were scheduled to meet with me yesterday at Period 7 and failed to do so. Subsequently, you received a letter in your file for insubordination.”

Mr. Lotta- “I do not recall notice of any meeting. What in the hell are you talking about little man?”

Bill- “Well… I took the luxury of printing this e-mail… and as…”

Mr. Lotta- “e-mail? Is that what you have on me? I don’t recall the school issuing me an e-mail account or a memo requiring me to read an e-mail?”

Bill- “Why don’t you sit down so that we can discuss this?”

Mr. Lotta- “Hey, too young to shave. Listen closely, cause I’m going to say this only once. I am not discussing anything with you until you remove that letter. A letter that you had no right to place in my file in the first place.”

Bill- “Fine. I will remove the letter.”

Mr. Lotta- “I will need that in writing on letterhead. This should include an apology.”

Bill- “I will write the letter affirming that the other letter is being removed. But lets not push it.”

Mr. Lotta- “Fine.”

Bill-“I am glad we are getting somewhere. Now I would like to talk to you about an issue that was brought to my attention.”

Mr. Lotta- “Sorry. No can do. I have a class to teach in 5 minutes. You speak to my people. Later.”

Thursday, Period 7

Bill- “Good Afternoon Mr. Lotta. We are here to discuss a disciplinary issue that was brought to my attention. According to two parents you stated…”

“Listen buddy. Do you see this ruler I’m holding? It can be used for more than measuring. You dig.”

…“Do you care to shed some light on this?”

Mr. Lotta- “What? You got to be kidding! For the record, I was simply informing them that rulers are not used just for measuring. You got a problem with that?”

Bill- “I also understand that you confiscated several cell phones.”

Mr. Lotta- “and your point?”

Bill- “Well… why wasn’t it returned?”

Mr. Lotta- “Young stuff, you need to get educated. Read the school disciplinary code. It clearly states that teachers may confiscate all electronic devices as they are an interruption to learning.”

Bill- “I will have to look into that. Still, don’t you think you ought to be more civil with your students?”

Mr. Lotta- “What are you talking about? You know what I think. I am tired of hearing this wining from parents who are soft and cry every time their child feels slighted and feel the need to spoil their children with every tech toy being advertised. These parents are rotting their children’s brains with foolishness and destroying our country. They need to grow up and stop placating their children. As for you, do not bother me with agenda based on stupidity. Good Day.”

Bill- “We are not done yet.”

Mr. Lotta- “Later.”

Friday, Period 0

Principal- “Bill you need to drop your issue with Mr. Lotta. I do not need headaches. Do you understand?”

Bill- “Yes.”


  1. Wow, I am impressed. I am not sure if you are being sarcastic or not but having been the recent recipient of two letters and possibly on a third for innocent observations to students I am aware that parents are over sensitive and enabling. As teachers we do have a obligation to not be deliberately cruel and rude but I am finding that when a group of parents wants you gone then everything that you say becomes an issue. Since I seem to talk all day long I have resorted to keeping a journal and trying very hard to find a new job.

  2. The story attempts to provide the reader access into the world of schooling as seen by a teacher and administrator and raise questions as it relates to teaching and administration. As educators we are a passionate folk sometimes to a fault. Having said that, your perspective is very interesting and I wish you much luck with your future endeavors.