Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Apps for Innovative Educators with Androids

If you’re an innovative educator with an Android, then you might want to check out Android for Academics. The company’s focus is creating smartphone applications for educators. There are currently four applications on the Android market, and several more in the works. Most of their applications are free.

The applications.
  1. Gradebook
    With Gradebook, there is no need to have a separate gradebook on your phone because the program is designed to interact with a Google Docs Spreadsheet. Give the program your spreadsheet info, and you can easily access and edit grades from the phone with a wide range of quick entry options. Another novel feature is that you can email students auto-generated grade reports.
  2. Attendance
    This app offers an easy way to take attendance with an Android phone. Like Gradebook this is designed to interact with a Google Docs Spreadsheet, so that all of your information is automatically stored in the cloud.
  3. Grade Rubric
    Grade Rubric gives professors a quick and easy way to grade using grade rubrics. Novel features include auto-generated a grade reports that can be emailed to students, and the ability to record grades inside of Gradebook.
  4. Grade Ticker
    A quick and easy calculator for professors who grade assignments by ticking off points as they grade. This app also integrates with Gradebook for quick, efficient recording.
Most of the Android for Academics apps are available for free, and they plan on releasing a free version of Gradebook soon. They also have plans to expand their apps to the iPhone platform. Visit www.androidforacademics.com for more details.

For more ideas on using Androids in the classroom visit this list from Androids for Apps co-founder Andrew Cullison. I don't have an Android, but I like what I see. I'd love to hear what those with the devices think of their use as educational tools.

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