Wednesday, November 17, 2010

From Banning to Embracing Cell Phones - Our Tech Forum Chat

If you weren't able to join us, or keep up with, our Virtual Tech Forum chat, you can read what we discussed in the chat below, but first here's our video which started the conversation.

[ 11/17/10 1:08 PM] Mary.McGlasson: Thanks for offering this topic, Lisa!
[ 11/17/10 1:08 PM] judy.hagemann: interesting session, thank you
[ 11/17/10 1:09 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: Please send out a tweet to ask your followers to join us by Tweeting, “Join @Innovativeedu & @WillynWebb begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting to discuss #cells4ed by visiting what you learned via Twitter too. Here are our tags.This session: #cells4edLisa Nielsen @InnovativeEduWillyn Webb @WillynWebb begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting
[ 11/17/10 1:09 PM] judy.hagemann: what grade would you start to integrate cell phone use
[ 11/17/10 1:09 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: We’d love to know who your are. Please share by taking out your cell phone and snapping a photo of yourself and send it to In the subject include your name and Twitter handle. In the message share in 140 characters or less why you are interested in using cells in ed.You can find your picture and the rest of materials for our chat at
[ 11/17/10 1:10 PM] Debbie.Martin: If students have your personal cell phone information, do you ever have a problem with them texting or calling you not in an educational context?
[ 11/17/10 1:10 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: We’d like to start by asking each of you to share 1 success, challenge or question about using cells for learning that you want to have discussed today.
[ 11/17/10 1:11 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: @ judy.hagemann - Teachers can start using cells to enrich education in every grade
[ 11/17/10 1:11 PM] Peggy.Matthews: How does the teacher control the use if all of the students has cell phones?
[ 11/17/10 1:11 PM] Thomas.Smyth: polleverywhere in a graduate class; cheap alternative to "clickers"!
[ 11/17/10 1:11 PM] David.Jakes: We opened up our school for cell phone use...since the middle of last year, its been very successful with no problems. The challenge now is to leverage them for learning.
[ 11/17/10 1:11 PM] Enrico.Massimino: How were you able to overcome district policy bans and move forward w/cell phone use?
[ 11/17/10 1:12 PM] Laura.Laidley: What about students who don't have a cell phone?
[ 11/17/10 1:12 PM] David.Jakes: @enrico. Our students brought it to our administrative executive council
[ 11/17/10 1:12 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: @ Debbie.Martin - We have the same issues to address regardless of the medium and they should be handled in the same ways
[ 11/17/10 1:12 PM] Thomas.Smyth: Would love to see the emperical research. (Am aware of Project Knect and others)
[ 11/17/10 1:12 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: @Debbie.Martin - The tool has no intent. We must establish how to handle inappropriate communication whatever the platform we are communicating in
[ 11/17/10 1:13 PM] David.Jakes: @laura. Equity is a huge issue, in classrooms partnering is a possible solution
[ 11/17/10 1:13 PM] Cheri.MacLeod: Here is one success: as part of project students had to do an interview. They used their cell phones with recording capacity and used this to help them with their notes and also brought this back as evidence
[ 11/17/10 1:13 PM] Linda.Wilson: I currently don't pay the extra fee/month for unlimited texting. Why should I assume that students have cell phones with unlimited texting? Isn't this something parents may choose not to provide to their students?
[ 11/17/10 1:13 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: Hi David Jakes! So glad you're joining the convo and sharing your insights!
[ 11/17/10 1:13 PM] judy.hagemann: I mean using with the children not just the teacher, not sure when would be good to encourage it
[ 11/17/10 1:13 PM] Jeremy.Kaiser: I have done several mobile activities with students working as partners. It works quite well.
[ 11/17/10 1:13 PM] David.Jakes: Hi Lisa
[ 11/17/10 1:14 PM] Cheri.MacLeod: @Jeremy - please explain
[ 11/17/10 1:14 PM] David.Jakes: We have a school of 2600 and I see 10-15 a day
[ 11/17/10 1:14 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: @judy, there's a lot you can do even in the one cell phone classroom and you can empower your students to engage at any age
[ 11/17/10 1:14 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: @Judy, for instance all students might enjoy using a cell phone to record their stories using Voki or Google Voice
[ 11/17/10 1:15 PM] Jeremy.Kaiser: One of my favorite tools is Wiffiti. I paired students up and had them post questions.
[ 11/17/10 1:15 PM] David.Jakes: I should also mention that we have open mp3 players, open wireless, open device (laptop, etc0, so our kids are used to the responsibility
[ 11/17/10 1:15 PM] judy.hagemann: we do use google voice alot many of our teachers have accounts especially our foreign language to practice their speaking skills
[ 11/17/10 1:15 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: @Jeremy.Kaiser: Yes, Wiffiti is a terrific tool to capture student voices
[ 11/17/10 1:15 PM] David.Jakes: @judy use ipadio to record podcasts
[ 11/17/10 1:16 PM] Jeremy.Kaiser: I had them text in their questions.
[ 11/17/10 1:16 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: Tools like wiffiti also work well to capture parent voices
[ 11/17/10 1:16 PM] Cheri.MacLeod: I know wiffiti and wall wisher - any other recommendations?
[ 11/17/10 1:16 PM] Cheri.MacLeod: Good idea
[ 11/17/10 1:17 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: One of my favorite free cell phone tools is poll everywhere - a free student response system
[ 11/17/10 1:17 PM] Jeremy.Kaiser: Poll everywhere is fun.
[ 11/17/10 1:17 PM] David.Jakes: Use PixelPipe to distribute media to over 120 different online locations from your smartphone
[ 11/17/10 1:17 PM] Mary.McGlasson: I use PE a lot for Economics.
[ 11/17/10 1:17 PM] scott.barber: just enjoyed the cells in the classroom presentation
[ 11/17/10 1:18 PM] Thomas.Smyth: GeoGrafitti and DailyBooth can be useful.
[ 11/17/10 1:18 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: We can have students of any age use flickr to capture photos around an area of study
[ 11/17/10 1:18 PM] scott.barber: just founf wetext web site for groups texts
[ 11/17/10 1:18 PM] Cheri.MacLeod: Yes Wetest looks nice - but not available outside usa
[ 11/17/10 1:18 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: we've asked today's participants to take their picture and send it to
[ 11/17/10 1:19 PM] Thomas.Smyth: SURVEYGIZMOis a nice alternative to polleverywhere.
[ 11/17/10 1:19 PM] scott.barber: is there a wetxt app for upod touch/phone?
[ 11/17/10 1:19 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: You can see pictures from our audience at You can find your picture and the rest of materials for our chat at
[ 11/17/10 1:19 PM] Sharon.riddle: Link doesn't work.
[ 11/17/10 1:19 PM] scott.barber: thanks
[ 11/17/10 1:19 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: Sharon, which link?
[ 11/17/10 1:20 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: Apologies, remove the "." from the link at it works You can find your picture and the rest of materials for our chat at
[ 11/17/10 1:20 PM] Sharon.riddle:
[ 11/17/10 1:20 PM] scott.barber: could not find swaggle app at itunes
[ 11/17/10 1:21 PM] Jeremy.Kaiser: Here are all my blog posts on using Cells in the classroom:
[ 11/17/10 1:21 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: We'd love to hear from you at
[ 11/17/10 1:21 PM] Theresa.Sterling: nope!
[ 11/17/10 1:21 PM] Thomas.Smyth: (it may be important to disctinguish between apps and free services generally for all smartphones and feature phones.
[ 11/17/10 1:21 PM] Jeremy.Kaiser: Cells are allowed in our school if used in the clasroom.
[ 11/17/10 1:22 PM] Peggy.Matthews: Cells are not permitted in our schools.
[ 11/17/10 1:22 PM] Jeremy.Kaiser: The students use them anyway. We might as well put them to good use.
[ 11/17/10 1:22 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: Good point Thomas. The focus of our book and what we recommend is basic cell phones with texting.
[ 11/17/10 1:22 PM] Mary.McGlasson: I really believe in the philosophy of using only what can be used on a basic phone - works for the least common denominator.
[ 11/17/10 1:22 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: There's a book full of ideas that you can do with just texting abilities
[ 11/17/10 1:22 PM] Thomas.Smyth: " Willyn.Webb: Our book focuses on basic text phones." - great! That helps some with the equity issues
[ 11/17/10 1:23 PM] scott.barber: formally no informally yes....principal and super support but policy says no
[ 11/17/10 1:23 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: You can see our presentation full of ideas for each of our five steps at
[ 11/17/10 1:23 PM] Peggy.Matthews: What are the titles of some of these books you are referring to, Lisa?
[ 11/17/10 1:23 PM] David.Brear: @Lisa who pays for the data packages ?
[ 11/17/10 1:23 PM] Jeremy.Kaiser: It is a good idea to look at cell plans with students to make sure they are not racking up a bill. I still have some students with limited texting, though I can't imagine how a parent could afford it.
[ 11/17/10 1:24 PM] Mary.McGlasson: If it's just the basics, you don't need a data package...
[ 11/17/10 1:24 PM] Mary.McGlasson: ... but you do want unlimited messaging!
[ 11/17/10 1:24 PM] Peggy.Matthews: I will be looking forward to purchasing a copy.
[ 11/17/10 1:24 PM] Jennifer.Lamkins: tiny urls are generally blocked at my school due to security vulnerabilities...full urls?
[ 11/17/10 1:24 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: Many of things we recommend educators do with cells and students occur outside of school. YOu can read this for an idea
[ 11/17/10 1:25 PM] Mary.McGlasson: Liz Kolb's book focuses on out-of-class activities ("Toys to Tools: Cellphones in the Classroom")
[ 11/17/10 1:25 PM] judy.hagemann: so many ideas so fast hard to keep up
[ 11/17/10 1:25 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: You can find all the urls we are referencing at
[ 11/17/10 1:26 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: @judy, agree. The sessions are archived so folks can catch up though
[ 11/17/10 1:26 PM] Jennifer.Lamkins: Thank you!
[ 11/17/10 1:26 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: @Mary, exactly. The point is that when we start enabling students and parents to use cells at home for learning, if/when the progression to the classroom comes, it is much more natural
[ 11/17/10 1:27 PM] Thomas.Smyth: Agreed, Lisa!
[ 11/17/10 1:27 PM] scott.barber: I use phones to have students make short science videos and then text to my email
[ 11/17/10 1:28 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: @scott, that is a great idea. What other ways have folks used cells for learning?
[ 11/17/10 1:28 PM] judy.hagemann: @nice Scott like that idea must share with my science teachers
[ 11/17/10 1:28 PM] Sharon.riddle: How do you overcome faculty resistance to the use of cell phones in the classroom?
[ 11/17/10 1:28 PM] scott.barber: also to take pics/video to collect experiment data
[ 11/17/10 1:28 PM] Cheri.MacLeod: @ Sharon - trying to do that now
[ 11/17/10 1:29 PM] Thomas.Smyth: Nice collection of ideas at [not sure of author...]
[ 11/17/10 1:29 PM] David.Jakes: @sharon. Show them how cell phones meet an instructional need they have
[ 11/17/10 1:29 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: @sharon, what David said :-P
[ 11/17/10 1:29 PM] David.Jakes: and then show them how their need translates into their students learning...
[ 11/17/10 1:29 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: Also, we have a chapter in the book focusing on favorite Admin tools with cells
[ 11/17/10 1:30 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: I will be writing a post with Willyn in my blog about it that will be published next week
[ 11/17/10 1:30 PM] scott.barber: any middle school teachers out there
[ 11/17/10 1:30 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: My blog has tons of ideas and can be found at
[ 11/17/10 1:31 PM] Tracy.Galligan: I don't have enough cameras in my classroom and I do a unit on Digital Photography in my Computer Apps class. I have students use their camera phones and then only check out cameras to students who don't have one.
[ 11/17/10 1:31 PM] Mary.McGlasson: @scott How about a middle-school parent - does that count?
[ 11/17/10 1:31 PM] scott.barber: great age to teach cell phone literacy
[ 11/17/10 1:31 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: Also, you don't necessarily need admin approval when it's a homework "option"
[ 11/17/10 1:32 PM] Jennifer.Lamkins: What about those who say it's a fad and as soon as cell phoes are ubiquitous students will no longer be engaged?
[ 11/17/10 1:32 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: Willyn will share link to our parent's workshop
[ 11/17/10 1:32 PM] Cheri.MacLeod: @Jennifer - doesn't matter, use whatever tools work to assist learning
[ 11/17/10 1:32 PM] David.Jakes: have a meeting to go to, thanks for the chat, enjoyed it!
[ 11/17/10 1:32 PM] Cheri.MacLeod: There will be new tools later.
[ 11/17/10 1:33 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: @Jennifer, I don't get too concerned with the nay sayers I go ahead and use tools to engage learners. I let actions speak
[ 11/17/10 1:33 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: @Cheri.Macleod - exactly
[ 11/17/10 1:33 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: Thanks David!!!
[ 11/17/10 1:33 PM] judy.hagemann: think you need to make that google doc public has an s with it havent tried yet
[ 11/17/10 1:33 PM] Cheri.MacLeod: @Lisa - big fan of your blog by the way!
[ 11/17/10 1:33 PM] Jennifer.Lamkins: I do as well. The tool is that.
[ 11/17/10 1:33 PM] Tracy.Galligan: I encourage students to use their calendars for tests, quizzes, yearbook deadlines and BPA events.
[ 11/17/10 1:34 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: @Jennifer, who is saying cell phones are a fad? I bet they think the internet is a fad too.
[ 11/17/10 1:34 PM] Tracy.Galligan: We create cell phone ringtones in my computer apps classes.
[ 11/17/10 1:34 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: @cheri, thx!
[ 11/17/10 1:34 PM] Cheri.MacLeod: Yes, also use stopwatches also good for group discussions.
[ 11/17/10 1:34 PM] scott.barber: cool tracy
[ 11/17/10 1:34 PM] Helen.Mowers: I think the only way we can get admin approval is by having them participate in learning activities with their cell phones. they have to realize the potential.
[ 11/17/10 1:34 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: @Helen, yes!
[ 11/17/10 1:35 PM] Jennifer.Lamkins: Teachers who are reluctant to use cell phones are any technology that looks to erode their control.
[ 11/17/10 1:35 PM] judy.hagemann: we are lucky most of our admin get this and support it
[ 11/17/10 1:35 PM] scott.barber: temp converter in most cell phones is nice for science
[ 11/17/10 1:35 PM] Peggy.Matthews: Judy, how do you get your administrators to come onboard?
[ 11/17/10 1:36 PM] Cindy.Luce: Good idea Scott. I think most teachers don't get that we have a responsibility to teach students to access info in the ways that work in their world today.
[ 11/17/10 1:36 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: I think one great way to get administrators on board is to show them how others with their jobs are using cells to do their jobs better
[ 11/17/10 1:36 PM] Mary.McGlasson: @Jennifer they probably have a point - I use phones in the classroom, but I certainly have lots of students texting off-task. You need to take the good with the bad.
[ 11/17/10 1:36 PM] Peggy.Matthews: I would liove to see administrators use technology...very few of them do, or it is behind closed doors. They need to model to the teachers.
[ 11/17/10 1:37 PM] Helen.Mowers: awesome resource @Willyn!
[ 11/17/10 1:37 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: @Mary, agree...students can be off task with or without phones though.
[ 11/17/10 1:37 PM] Helen.Mowers: @Peggy we're making it part of their activities that they do in their meetings
[ 11/17/10 1:37 PM] judy.hagemann: @peggy: we have a large donation for technology earmarked so guess they are willing and open because of that but our teachers on the other hand are much more resistent for in class use homework yes but in class ???
[ 11/17/10 1:37 PM] Jennifer.Lamkins: Twiducate looks promising
[ 11/17/10 1:37 PM] Helen.Mowers: that way they see the use of cell phones and other technology in context of learning
[ 11/17/10 1:38 PM] Peggy.Matthews: Thank you Judy and Helen.
[ 11/17/10 1:38 PM] scott.barber: anyone have a basic set document of cell procedures/expectations in the class. i verbalize with students but nothing in print
[ 11/17/10 1:38 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: I've been inviting students and teachers to learn about innovating instruction with tech. They have cells, smartpens, iTouch, etc. They are excited and engaged and know they'll have a deliverable to share at the end
[ 11/17/10 1:38 PM] Cheri.MacLeod: @Willyn - great admin ideas. WIll be sharing that!
[ 11/17/10 1:38 PM] judy.hagemann: we suggest having the phones in site even when not in use so they are not pocket texting etc
[ 11/17/10 1:38 PM] Peggy.Matthews: Judy, that's a good idea
[ 11/17/10 1:38 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: I am not finding them off task when they get to create and are empowered to use the tools they love
[ 11/17/10 1:39 PM] Jennifer.Lamkins: Up on the right-hand side of their desks works well.
[ 11/17/10 1:39 PM] Peggy.Matthews: Is wiffiti private or public?
[ 11/17/10 1:39 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: What if like teachers, we gave students breaks in class where they could text?
[ 11/17/10 1:39 PM] Peggy.Matthews: Free is always good!!
[ 11/17/10 1:39 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: @Peggy, Wiffiti can be either private or public
[ 11/17/10 1:40 PM] scott.barber: i need to get in print. cell expectations are currently only verbal
[ 11/17/10 1:40 PM] Mary.McGlasson: @Lisa - they are on task when the task involves the phone; when we are doing other types of discussion or activities, though, the phone is under the desk and the texting begins ... I don't give them too hard a time, I just say, "I hope you're texting someone about Economics...."
[ 11/17/10 1:40 PM] Cheri.MacLeod: For me free tools are the best way because to get the paperwork and ordering done takes months where I work.
[ 11/17/10 1:40 PM] judy.hagemann: @lisa but would they text friends in other classes that are taking test or whatever other non cell phone use? I like using for structure always shocks them would be nice that it became a norm some time soon we hope
[ 11/17/10 1:40 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: @scott, we have great examples of teachers inviting students to develop the cell expectations
[ 11/17/10 1:41 PM] Peggy.Matthews: Just in on my email from a colleague: [ ] can now edit google documents on your Android and iOS devices (including the iPad)! I've been waiting for this since I first got my hands on an iPad. :)
[ 11/17/10 1:41 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: I'll find one to share here. One minute
[ 11/17/10 1:41 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: Here are lots of good ideas to break the ban where you teach
[ 11/17/10 1:41 PM] Jennifer.Lamkins: We don't have students put away paper and pen when not using them so I would suggest the same...keep the cells out and visible all the time.
[ 11/17/10 1:42 PM] scott.barber: thanks lisa
[ 11/17/10 1:42 PM] Scott.Firenza:
[ 11/17/10 1:42 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: Here are sample parent letters
[ 11/17/10 1:42 PM] Tech_Chicks_Anna_Adam: @Judy if you ask the right kinds of questions, they can't really cheat.
[ 11/17/10 1:43 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: Sorry, those sample parent letters are step 7 of
[ 11/17/10 1:43 PM] scott.barber: you ladies r the best
[ 11/17/10 1:44 PM] Mary.McGlasson: Hee hee . . .
[ 11/17/10 1:44 PM] Helen.Mowers: I heard someone say before that they have their students place the phones on the right corner of their desk when not being used for instructional activiities. That makes sense-I can see whether they're using them when they're not supposed to. Students would use it under the table or in their pockets otherwise--I mean, I do too...
[ 11/17/10 1:45 PM] Helen.Mowers: heh, maybe I shouldn't admit that, vut hey
[ 11/17/10 1:45 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: @Tech_Chicks, I agree. It's impossible to cheat with cells
[ 11/17/10 1:45 PM] Helen.Mowers: but hey
[ 11/17/10 1:45 PM] Jeannette.Shaffer: Most students do not realize the potential of their phones to access information beyond their circle of friends...we must teach them.
[ 11/17/10 1:45 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: If students can talk, connect, and figure out how to get information with the most ubiqutous device available to them, why is that cheating?
[ 11/17/10 1:46 PM] Helen.Mowers: exactly @Lisa
[ 11/17/10 1:46 PM] Jeannette.Shaffer: It's called outsourcing. A skill every student should learn. :)
[ 11/17/10 1:46 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: When I need to know something, I tweet to my tweeple and they help me find the answers. It's harnessing the power of my PLN
[ 11/17/10 1:46 PM] Helen.Mowers: It's what we do in every day situations--shouldn't be different for our students
[ 11/17/10 1:46 PM] scott.barber: todays phones are more powerful that the computer used to get apollo on the moon.
[ 11/17/10 1:46 PM] Sharon.riddle: @Lisa...YES! If we don't know an answer we go looking for it, right?
[ 11/17/10 1:46 PM] Mary.McGlasson: @scott ooooooo....
[ 11/17/10 1:46 PM] judy.hagemann: dont we have to teach almost everything, osmosis doesnt work for much. why some many think because kids use it they know everything?
[ 11/17/10 1:47 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: @Sharon, yes! It is not knowing/memorizing info that is important today. It is supporting students in getting information they need to learn more about areas of passion and interest
[ 11/17/10 1:47 PM] Peggy.Matthews: If I have to look up information that I don't know on my cell phone...I don't think it is cheating. I think it is working smarter.
[ 11/17/10 1:47 PM] scott.barber: send me the book :)
[ 11/17/10 1:48 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: @Judy, I think teachers need to stop thinking "they" need to teach everything and instead help students find ways to learn
[ 11/17/10 1:48 PM] Tech_Chicks_Anna_Adam: paraphrasing Einstein, but even HE said it was pointless to memorize anything you could look up...
[ 11/17/10 1:49 PM] Tech_Chicks_Anna_Adam: . . o (of course this was a guy who didn't know his own address...)
[ 11/17/10 1:49 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: @Tech Chicks - Yes! Agree. If we can empower kids to use the tools they own to aquire knowledge we are empowering them one of the most important skills they'll need in life
[ 11/17/10 1:49 PM] judy.hagemann: @Lisa I agree but what I was trying to say is that they dont just learn without some guidance
[ 11/17/10 1:50 PM] Helen.Mowers: @judy guidance is helpful to help them think about what they are learning and to help them make connections so that the learning sticks. Students will learn in spite of us; with or without us
[ 11/17/10 1:50 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: @Tech Chicks, my friends make fun of me because I don't know anyone's phone numbers anymore.
[ 11/17/10 1:52 PM] Judy Salpeter: Winding down in a few minutes but the log from this entire, great conversation is available afterwards. Click on the clipboard icon.
[ 11/17/10 1:53 PM] Judy Salpeter: Next video and group chat focus on Internet2 and high-bandwidth connectivity. "See" you there.
[ 11/17/10 1:53 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: Thank you everyone. I will send you a link our facebook page to stay in touch. One sec
[ 11/17/10 1:53 PM] Cheri.MacLeod: Thank you everyone!
[ 11/17/10 1:53 PM] Helen.Mowers: thx for sharing some awesome resources!
[ 11/17/10 1:54 PM] Toni.Howe: Thanks for the tip about the clipboard icon! :)
[ 11/17/10 1:54 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: Here is the link to our facebook page
[ 11/17/10 1:55 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: Great chatting with you all
[ 11/17/10 1:55 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: Please keep the conversation going on Twitter. I'm @InnovativeEdu and Willyn is @willynwebb
[ 11/17/10 1:55 PM] Peggy.Matthews: Thank you...this was an interesting I will try to go out and change a few minds!!
[ 11/17/10 1:56 PM] Mary.McGlasson: check out
[ 11/17/10 1:56 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: You can follow me on facebook too: Lisa Velmer Nielsen. I love having conversations there about educating innovatively :-)
[ 11/17/10 1:57 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: If you'd like to keep the conversation going, you can join us later today at the Global Ed Conference
[ 11/17/10 1:58 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: Here is the link to where we'll be doing our Global Ed Webcast at 3:00 eastern standard time
[ 11/17/10 1:58 PM] Lisa_Nielsen: Bye everyone. Fun conversation :-)

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