Sunday, November 21, 2010

Follow The Tweeter Who’s an Online Learning Leader - Top 200 Tweets from VSS2010

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One of the best ways to get smart about any topic is by building your personal learning network through Twitter. Not only will you discover up-to-date information about a shared interest, you also develop a cadre of learning partners you can turn to when there’s something you need to know. During my recent foray into the world of online learning at iNacol’s Virtual Learning Symposium, I enjoyed my time in various sessions, but for me the real learning took place on Twitter where like-minded folks could discuss, real-time what they were learning and do so without disturbing anyone else. We were all tied together and found one another through the conference hashtag #vss2010.

Not only did I learn a lot from these Tweeps (people who Tweet) but after Tweeting out, “Anyone at #VSS2010 Heading to the airport for a 4:30 flight?” I even found someone with whom I could share a ride to the airport. Another fun Tweetcident (Twitter incident) occurred when I found myself in Twitosation (Twitter conversation) with a fellow attendee in reaction to disappointment in the commercialization of several presentations. We soon realized we were not only sitting in the same session but we were just seats apart from one another. How fun to be able to extend the Twitosation face-to-face.

Innovative educators interested in connecting with others passionate about online learning can take a look at the chart below for a list of Tweeps interested in the topic. (Lookie! I’m top and center :-) If you click on the chart you’ll be taken to the source where you can just click on each person’s name and be brought directly to their Twitter account.

Below the chart you can see 200 Tweets I found worth highlighting sans those annoying commercials from the vendors (come on vendors, add some substance to your Tweets!)

Top 200 Tweets from iNacol’s Virtual School Symposium

Here are some interesting online learning Tweets shared at the conference. Find Tweeps you find interesting and connect with them by Tweeting using “@SelectedTwitter” i.e. “@innovativeedu. Your message will appear in their Twitter feed and the Twitosation begins!

Click here for the 200 Tweets.


  1. Glad to have met you in both Twitosation and f2f. I cant imagine going to a conference without Twitter. The backchannel adds so much!

  2. Wow I am honored to be on the top 200 infographic! twitter was soo useful at communicating with everyone this year. Thanks for the informative post!


  3. Thanks for showing that edReformer really tried to carry the ball in terms of conversation, and I am very happy to say that I learned quite a bit from the people I tweeted with during #vss2010.


  4. I'd also like to add that I found it personally funny and a bit puzzling the shrugs and apathy offered up by two vendors, who sat down at my table, #155, which was labeled during birds of a feather roundtables to be a discussion about new media and communication.

    I said, "I'm guessing you're really not here to talk about new media."

    One of them said, "We just saw two open seats. Are they serving dessert today?"