Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Discover the 5 Steps for Harnessing the Power of Cells in Ed - Free Webcast

Educators ready to bridge the digital divide and harness the power of cells in education can listen to Lisa Nielsen and Willyn Webb share their five-step plan. Even if cell phones are banned where you teach, this plan will walk you through ideas for going from banning to embracing cell phones in an effort to engage and empower learners. 

This 60-minute webcast will introduce listeners to a simple and common sense plan that includes ideas, real life examples, further reading and activities to try on their own.

Steps include:
  • Teacher Use of Cell Phones for Professional Purposes
  • Teacher Models Appropriate Use for Learning
  • Strengthen the Home-School Connection
  • Students Use Cell Phones for Homework
  • Students Use Cell Phones for Classwork
This webcast was a part of the Global Ed Tech Conference on Wednesday, November 17, 2010. You can listen to our webcast anytime right here.

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