Sunday, March 20, 2011

Every Thorn Has its Rose

Guest post by Jacob Gutnicki
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Outside the district office there were 5 media vans parked. The local media wondered why the Superintendent was calling a press conference for 9 AM. Did it have anything to do with the state wide testing scandal? Perhaps he was going to address the rumor that low performing students were being deported to an annex school out of the country. Maybe the superintendent would address which files were stolen at a local High School or why a significant amount of technology equipment was recently dumped.

Soon enough, Dr. Williams began to read a prepared announcement. It said, "For the past few years I have had the great privilege serving as your community superintendent. I am proud of the work we accomplished together. This is why today's announcement is so difficult to make. Never the less, I must inform you that effective 3 PM, I am resigning from the position of Community Superintendent. In the interim, the Deputy Superintendent will run daily operations.

Meanwhile... The executor board’s office is fuming. "Why did he call for a press conference? Who told him to announce the Deputy Superintendent will run daily operations. Kyle, get Williams on the phone. This is a mess. Kyle, I also need you to Kathleen Wallstone on the phone. She has the support of the business community."

Kyle looks surprised. “Are you sure about this? Some of her positions are… questionable.” The chief executor said, “Do not ever question me!”
15 Minutes Later… Another press conference is called. Dr. Williams begins the press conference by apologizing. The chief executor then introduces the new community superintendent. Kathleen Wallstone, Principal of the Burrhus Frederic Skinner High School is named Superintendent. Mrs. Wallstone thanks the chief executor for this opportunity and then promises to bring a new age of accountability and forge partnerships with the business community.

The press conference is followed by questions from members of the media. Naturally, many of the questions were directed at the former Superintendent, as they were curious as to why he resigned from the position. However, he declined to answer the questions. His non-response sparked rumors as to what caused him to resign.

Thirty Minutes Later… Superintendent Stonewall calls Michael Lotta in her office. She says, “Michael I will make this brief. The chief executor has asked me to serve as the new Community Superintendent. Therefore, effective immediately, you are the new principal of the Burrhus Frederic Skinner High School.

Fifty Minutes Later… A meeting is being held at the Newsport Town News Corporation. “Chief, an inside source tells me that Dr. Williams may have a kid with epilepsy. Should I investigate this?”

“No. The last thing we need is have the public feel bad for the former Superintendent and turn him into an instant hero. Use the other story with the state test scandal.”
“Sir. We know it’s not true.”
“Run it. Lets just say our board wants the story to run."

Next Morning… The paper runs the testing scandal story. Other local papers pick up the story too. Several reporters attempt to contact the former Superintendent. Kathleen Wallstone is very pleased with the turn of events as she understands this continued distraction will benefit her.

Later that Day… It has been a rough day for Dr. Williams. He is trying to move on. However, this is proving to be difficult. He receives a call from his wife. “Good news. Your oldest daughter is engaged.” Dr. Williams continues to talk to his wife and then indicates he is on his way home. Dr. Williams turns on the radio and hears the following lyrics;

“It’s a beautiful night,
We’re looking for something dumb to do.
Hey baby,
I think I want to marry you. *

Dr. Williams drives his car with a smile on his face as he reminds himself of what really matters…

* Bruno Mars, I Want to Marry You

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  1. This is very sad. Sad that the media feeds off of scandals that are sometimes nothing more than their own inventions. Sad that it is so difficult for people to make the decisions that are right for them and their own families, for fear of the public reaction. Sad that one of the good ones, one of the ones who was actually making things better, is out of the picture.

  2. Thank You for sharing Vickie. I agree with your comment. Bear in mind that this story is fiction. However, schools that suffer for the wrong reasons through the media is very real. Likewise, the struggle of ADHD parents is all too real as well.