Monday, June 6, 2011

Consider the Student Loan Scheme Before Going the Traditional College Route

At the same time that many school systems are advocating college for all, experts, analysts, and the media are warning teens and their parents that the college bubble is ready to burst leaving their children behind as carnage. This info graphic does a great job of outlining the issues with student loans that should be considered before children and their parents head down this path.  Beneath that is a recent story on NBC News documenting the corruption involved in the students loan scandal.

Student Loans Scheme.
Infographic by College


  1. Hello. What are your sources for this information?

  2. Uh oh. Lisa, the information looks great, but I have concerns about the site to which you link.

    See for some arguments against posting these infomatics.


  3. @Carolyn Hipkins, the sources are cited, what exactly are you interested in?

  4. @david, this is about the information which looks legit to me and was indeed posted by at least one well known blogger who commented on the post you shared.

    I understand the source and I think they invest significant resources to attract folks their way just like f-2-f organizations do. I think that Louise who replied to your post makes a good point when she says, "I don’t see the difference between this and urging obviously unqualified and ill-suited students to attend any college rather than steering them towards that which would really suit them?

    So, aside from your issue with those who try to direct teens their way, is there specific information shared that you think is wrong?