Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Top Ten Ed Tech Issues This School Year

I was recently asked what I saw as the top ed tech issues this year.  Here are the first things that came to mind. 

1) Passion (Not Just Data) Driven Learning
2) Bring your own tech
3) Reducing use of filters and empowering students to do this work by engaging responsibly online
4) Reducing fear of teacher /student relationships i.e. Social media doesn't cause inappropriate behavior, it catches it.
5) Authentic ePortfolios for teachers and students
6) Developing a responsible and impressive digital footprint
7) Supporting students in developing a responsible and impressive digital footprint
8) Developing your personal learning network
9) Empowering students to develop their personal learning network
10) Authentic publishing for teachers and students

These also happen to be some of my most favorite things to write about here on The Innovative Educator blog. I look forward to sharing and growing ideas with all of you :) I also wonder what's missing?  Are there other things you'd like to see addressed?


  1. Integrating tech and using it to teach / learn as opposed to teaching and learning about tech.

  2. Bring your own tech! I totally support that point haha and all the others too. I'm using Nearpod right now in my classes, so this allows my students to bring their own apple device and engage everybody with interactive presentations. Really cool, you must try it: nearpod.com!

    Mel Wilkes