Thursday, March 8, 2012


Are ADHD medications putting your children in danger? Readers of this blog know my feelings on the subject and those who don't can click here to find out. In short medication should be a last resort after many other options have been examined.  

I’m so excited that Anderson Cooper is tackling the controversial issue of medicating children for attention deficit disorder in his show Anderson. In a heated debate, he has invited two moms to face off on the appropriate ways to treat children with ADHD. One of his guests Laurie A. Couture is a frequent contributor to this blog. Laurie is an unschooling, alternative education and attachment parenting coach and consultant. She is the author of Instead of Medicating and Punishing: Healing the Causes of Our Children’s Acting-Out Behavior by Parenting and Educating the Way Nature Intended which was chosen as a finalist in the ForeWord Magazine Book-of- the-Year Awards in 2009. She appears as an expert in the documentary film, The War On Kids (2009) and is the host of The Free and Joyful Childhood Radio Show. Laurie was a recipient of the 2010 Manchester Union Leader’s Forty Under 40 honors.  Visit her website at  

The pharma companies spend billions to get society to drug their kids. Laurie will tell us the many healthier alternatives. I can’t wait to hear Laurie advocate for children on this show. Here is a preview.

If you have a child diagnosed with ADD / ADHD this show is for you. Check it out and decide what's right for your kids.

To find out when it is on in your area, click this link and enter your zip code in the WHEN IT'S ON box.
Here is when it is on here in New York.
Debuts Thursday, March 08, 2012
Channel PIX11 M-F 4:00 PM

While you'll have to watch the actual show via your service provider, you can see what happened after the show below. 

To find out  Laurie's reaction to the show here

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