Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Do You Have to Be an Entertainer to Engage Your Students?

A contributing factor to the high school dropout rate and one of the biggest complaints of students is simply that “I’m bored.” And...many teachers know that their students consider them boring.   So, what’s the answer?  Some would say that you need to be an entertainer.   I was recently interviewed on BAM radio by Rae Pica along with Mike Muir, Lee Kolbert, and Pat Hensley who wrote, “Should Teachers Be Entertainers?While many feel forced to entertain, is this the best approach? In the show we discuss how teachers can expect to engage students in the face of all that competes for their attention.

Guest bios
  • Pat Hensley is a former public school Special Education teacher for 30 years who taught all grade levels.
  • Mike Muir is the Multiple Pathways Leader for the Auburn School Department (Auburn, ME).
  • Lee Kolbert is a blogger, educator, and self-proclaimed geek. She has been with Palm Beach County Schools for over 27 years.
  • Lisa Nielsen, author of the book Teaching Generation Text, is a long time public school educator. Award-winning blog, The Innovative Educator.
You can listen to the program on the BAM radio site here!

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