Monday, June 10, 2013

Students Talk Social Media in Education via the 1st #StuVoice Google Hangout

Student Voice launched their first Google Hangout.  The topic was: Learning in the 21st Century: Social Media in Education. During the hangout participants discussed how they are using social media in their education and how they think it can better be used in their learning experience.

Here are the topics that were discussed.

  • Education on proper use - Social media is an effective and necessary tool when those using it are educated properly on its use.  
  • Use in the classroom - Students are using social media for research, communication, and connection via activities and platforms such as a study group on facebook, talking to peers about topics of interest, connecting with influencers and policy makers on Twitter.
  • Choice is key - People want options. They want a platter of services. We can’t push it in their face, but instead need to give them options for achieving learning goals.  
  • Most commonly used platforms - Participants all agreed that Blogs, Facebook, and Twitter are the most popular platforms.  Also mentioned were Wikis and LinkedIn.

Hangout participants included the following individuals.  Click on their name to learn more.


You can view the hangout below!

About the Student Voice Google Hangouts
Student Voice is launching an On Air Google Hangout series that will bring together students and other stakeholders in the education field for a face to face conversation. The hangouts will allow students to connect with their peers from across the globe and present action-oriented conversation to the Student Voice community that expands upon the 140 characters of our weekly #StuVoice Twitter chats.

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