Monday, May 11, 2015

My Wall Street Journal Article Answering: Does Technology Belong in Classroom Instruction?

The Wall Street Journal approached me to write an article sharing my views on whether technology belonged in the classroom. I was surprised anyone was still having this conversation, but like the technology-banning professor Clay Shirky, there are others, who don't see the power of technology beyond a device of consumption. They still view school time as a place for stand and deliver instruction where students need to be told how to learn and think critically and they can only do that with humans who are physically present. 

Of course, innovative educators have a different view of learning. We know that technology can be used as a tool to engage students with a global network experts and others who share their passions and interests. We understand that technology lets us go beyond handing work in and on to publishing it.  

Please check out both sides of the article in The Wall Street Journal at this link and comment there and here with your views on the topic.

I can't wait to discuss.

Visit this link to share your thoughts and comment on the article.

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