Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Hottest Posts Everyone's Tweeting About

For another week, the post that continues to take the lead is one that ‎@iamDrWill refers to as a “beat down.” It responds to a story explaining why an uninformed school headmaster is wrong when he mistakenly attributes his school’s success to the fact that he banned laptops.
Next up @AngelaMaiers reminds us that students have voices and choices that we can finally honor now that testing season is over. Check it out to discover 20 lessons you can implement to get started.
For the first time at the top is a post that was also at the top of my Twitter feed. It gives tips on how to create a killer school website and shares mistakes to avoid.
Rounding out the top is about post explaining how to determine the life purpose of you and your students with a few simple questions. I tweeted my life’s purpose and asked others to share theirs as well.
You can check out each of the posts below. If you like what you read, share with a friend via social media, and if you are so inspired, leave a comment too.

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