Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year’s Resolution: Get Fit & Smart with @GoNoodle

Getting fit is a great resolution at any age, but the holiday season in the digital age often brings with it lots of gifts that involve sitting with a device with little movement. But technology doesn’t always = inactivity. This New Year teachers and students together can resolve to use technology to help them get and stay fit using GoNoodle.  Go Noodle is used by 1 in 3 teachers who get millions of kids active every month to become their strongest, smartest, selves by running, dancing, stretching, and practicing emotional awareness at school with short, easy-to-follow videos.

This is especially important in districts where the cold winter months can result in indoor recess and lunch times keeping movement limited.  But it doesn’t end with movement. Research shows that keeping kids moving helps improve behavior and attention, increases academic performance, and strengthens classroom cohesion.

Amazing and useful technology that is super easy to use, beautifully designed, and crazy engaging. I love it, my students love it, my kids love it, my principal loves it, it is a hit! A must use tool for any classroom, or living room! ” - Koda L, Elementary School Teacher
There are also videos to go along with common class time activities and occurrences such as birthdays or clean up time. This poster (click to download) shares five ways to use GoNoodle:

Watch this teacher getting down with her students.

It doesn’t have to end at school either.  There is an entire home platform that families can use with their children to turn screen time into active time, get families healthier, and have fun.  

My kid used to be a little girl who sat and played video games and now she can exercise at the same time so I thank you and your company this is just amazing you turned my child's life around. -Hailey B, Parent

See this in action!
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See more of the fun and learning by visiting #GoNoodle on instagram.

So what do you think? Is this something you’d use in your classroom? What do you think or have you experienced are the benefits and/or hidden treasures in using such a platform. Any advice or questions?

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