Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Introducing Students & Parents to the @ISTE Standards for Students

The ISTE Standards for Students names practices in which many innovative educators are already engaged. It gives a standard language for educators to speak to each other about their work. It also provides language and justification for doing this work when speaking with administrators. When implementing standards with students, it is also important to introduce them and their parents to the standards which you are working towards.

To help with that, ISTE teamed up with Flocabulary to create this video. 

7 Ways: The ISTE Standards for Students Music Video

The poster below illustrates the seven standards highlighted in the video. 

Download this poster for free from the ISTE site.

Bringing the Standards to Life in The Classroom

When implementing lessons that bring these standards to life, think about how this might be reflected for students.  Here are some ideas:
  • Have student digital portfolios set up by the standards. 
  • Have classroom bulletin boards that represent each standard. On the bulletin board, provide sample student projects that come to life with QR codes.
  • Let students know what standards they are addressing in their work.
  • Showcase student work organized by standard on your teacher website.

Your turn

What has your experience been with introducing the ISTE Standards? Have you tried any of these strategies? Have you tried something not listed here? If you have yet to introduce the standards, do you think you might use some of the suggestions here?

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