Sunday, August 12, 2018

Toss the Smartboard. Here's The Best #BacktoSchool Teaching Tool: @ClassroomScreen

ClassroomScreen which I will be using at all future learning events. ClassroomScreen basically allows me to ditch my former toolbox of presentation tools as it combines them into one nice, simple place.  Just visit and you have access to a timer, random number generator, work symbols (i.e. silence, work together, ask a neighbor), QR code, class sound level, and more.  

Here's the toolbar.

Here is what a screen might look like.

In one place you have directions for each group, work style, timer, time, and the information on where to access their work  No one in the classroom is unsure what to do, because it is projected in the room. 

The tool was created by a teacher in the Netherlands named Laurens Koppers who wanted a simple tool with all his favorite interactive widgets to help him teach and his students learn more effectively.  Nothing existed, so he made ClassroomScreen. 

You can check out all the features in this two-minute overview.

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