Sunday, September 9, 2018

Funny Face Picture Prompts Spice Up Class Photos

For most of us we have just two options when it comes to group photos.  Say cheese is the standard.  Okay, be silly, is next. Second grade teacher Shira Moskivitz has figured out a way to make boring class or staff photos a thing of the past.  She has come up with dozens of other picture prompts teachers can use to make this year's class photo stand out.  

Step Away from the "Say Cheese"
Instead Be a Superhero

#NYCSchoolsTech Superhero Trainer Team

Check out the funny face picture list below and find the prompts you think your class would like best.

- super hero
- favorite food
- someone else pretending to be an asparagus (or other veggie) and you eating them
- pet peeve
- surprise kiss (not necessarily at a professional function but...)
- sleeping
- favorite animal
- spell your name (first initial, or name of event/location)
- evil villain
- mad scientist
- supermodel
- body builder
- soldier
- slow motion run
- wind blown (there's a hurricane and you're being blown off the stairs/chair/etc)
- The Macarana
- Gagnam Style
- Thriller
- Robot
- sad
- nervous
- angry
- that kid...
- bored
- surprised
- one person is "it" and everyone looks at/points to him/her without them knowing
- serious
- hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil
- Mona Lisa
- Edvard Munch’s, The Scream
- riding a roller coaster
- playing basketball/baseball/soccer/hockey
- fake fight with neighbor
- group high five
- too cool for school
- salute
- ballerinas
- hold as many/big objects in your hands as possible (bonus if they're relevant to event/location)
- poker face
- strange object on your head
- pour water on one unsuspecting member of the group as you take the picture
- boy band album cover
- hug someone else/ group hug
- karate pose
- touch someone else's head
- swimming fish
- cowboys 
- point at someone random within (or outside) the picture

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