Sunday, October 7, 2018

Developing A Community High School - Lessons from @BrotherAmouzou at #TLTechLive

Wisdom Amouzou shared his approach to developing a community high school with education leaders across the country at the Tech & Learning Leadership Summit in Denver, CO.

His approach consists of these four phases:

1) Participatory Research

2) Mission, Vision, Values

3)School Model

4) Community Outreach

The Community Design Team consists of 23 students, 8 parents, 6 community members, and 10 educators who came together twice a month for dinner meetings where every member had an equal voice in providing input into the school’s model and design.  

The Community Design Team created the below schedule consisting of five components:

Here is what each component consists of:


-Performing Arts



-Travel abroad 

Here is what a student schedule might look like:

Here are the three truths that make up why this approach is necessary:

Empower High School will open in fall 2019.  You can learn more at

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