Sunday, March 3, 2019

Innovative Educators Don't Take Calls. They Text.

screenshot of a phone screen with the text message: Innovative educators don't call. They text.Communication has changed in the digital age. Today the rules are different. Ringers are off and educators no longer make or take calls unless a time has specifically been set to do so. Instead, if they want to get a message to someone they send a text.

Here's why:
  • There are too many scam callers. In fact The Washington Post reports in 2019 nearly half of all calls will be scams.  No one wants to be on constant phone alert because too many times it is an unwanted caller. 
  • Robocalling is taking over phone calls. In fact there was a 60% jump in robocalls last year. What's worse. You often can't tell  by looking at the number. Listen to this episode on "Reply All," a fab podcast that explains this.
  • Teachers are busy working. They don't want others disturbed by a phone ringing.
  • It is rude to answer a call when you are in the company of friends, family, or colleagues.
  • Teachers are modeling good behavior.
When a person sends a text instead of a call, the recipient can find an appropriate time to respond to the text. If necessary, they can schedule mutually convenient time for a call.

If you are answering calls while you are at work or with others, don't do it. It is rude. The same is true for texting. Do this when you are not in the company of others.

Of course there are exceptions to this. Maybe you're wife is pregnant and you know she'll be going into labor. Perhaps your friend is having surgery and you are expecting a call from the doctor. You know, emergency-type stuff.  

However, as a regular habit, the proper protocol is to have the ringer off, the phone away, and be present with those in your presence.

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  1. I love Google Remind! With Remind, I can text all parents and students at one time to share important information. I can use my phone, but since I am communicating through an app, I am not sharing any of my personal contact information. This has been a wonderful way to reach everyone simultaneously, with many more people reading and responding than they would if I were to email or send a handout home. Not to mention, I do not have to rely on middle school messengers!