Wednesday, August 25, 2021

I'm Back! Wellness Ideas for Innovative Educators

Hello innovative educators. I've missed you, but I'm back with a lot of ideas to help you focus on you and your wellness to start this school year off right! During the pandemic, I took the time to reset and take a look at my own wellness. I focused on areas such as diet, exercise, supplements, and social health.

I didn’t want to do this alone. So a few friends and I got together with a simple goal: Losing the COVID 19. We called ourselves the “COVID Chicks." In addition to losing weight, we wanted to increase muscle, lose fat, feel great, streghthen relationships, and live a long and healthy life. Over the course of about a year, mission accomplished! 

Chart showing a 19 pound weight loss as well as a reduction in BMI and body fat

How we did it and how you can too 

We focused on the keys to longevity, which are obvious when you think about it: 

Eat a healthy diet, exercise, get enough sleep, avoid tobacco, manage stress, stimulate your brain, and nurture a healthy social circle.  

You may be thinking that sounds good, but how can you focus on all these areas? One lesson I learned was that it is great if you can do more than one of the items above at a time. For example, exercise and/or eat healthy with your social circle. Or listen to a podcast while exercising.

I also learned that there are a number of supports to look into when pursuing a long healthspan. I asked myself questions about the following: 


What supplements will support my immunity and health? This post on supplements answers this question.


What equipment do I need and what type of exercises should I be doing for a stronger healthier body?


What should I be eating for a life-long diet that will support my health?

Health trackers and gadgets

What’s the best way to track health data like activity, sleep, mobility, weight, body fat? 

Books and podcasts

What are the best books and podcasts to read and listen to support my health and fitness?

So, what are the answers?

Read my next series of blog posts where I will outline what I focused on in each of these areas.

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