Monday, May 25, 2009

It's Gratifying When a Mentor Notices You - Thanks Kathy Schrock!

I just discovered that one of long-time mentors Kathy Schrock has listed my blog in her ed tech blog picks. What an honor to be noticed by Kathy and to be in the company of other innovative and inspirational educators.

Here's the whole list:


2 Cents Worth
Host: David Warlick
Always Learning: Teaching Technology Abroad
Host: Kim Cofino
Host: Teacher Magazine
Blue Skunk Blog
Host: Doug Johnson
Free Technology for Teachers
Host: Richard Byrne
Infinite Thinking Machine
Hosts: This group
The Innovative Educator
Host: Lisa Nielsen
The Junk EduBlog
Host: John M. M. Blake, Jr.
Kathy's Kaffeeklatsch
Host: Kathy Schrock
Host: Andy Carvin and PBS
Host: Judy Brown
Moving at the Speed of Creativity
Host: Wesley Fryer
Host: Tom March
The Savvy Technologist
Host: Tim Wilson
Successful Teaching
Host: Patricia Hensley
Tech Tip of the Week
Host: Tammy Worcester
Host: Steve Dembo
Teachers Training Teachers
Hosts: Paul Allison, Lee Babar, Susan Ettenheim, and Thomas Locke
Host: Will Richardson

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