Monday, March 8, 2010

50 Best Blogs for Education Leaders

I'm thrilled to be listed among several esteemed innovative educational blogs in this recent post, "50 Best Blogs for Education Leaders. Here are the other blogs in the category in which I was listed.

Inspiration and Innovation

Get inspired and discover new ideas through the help of these bloggers and teachers.

  1. Cool Cat Teacher Blog: Use this blog to get a better idea of how to implement and use technology in the classroom.
  2. The Innovative Educator: This blog is a great place to look for fresh ideas on how to teach students course material.
  3. The Next Generation of Educational Leadership: Here you can read about and connect with other educational leaders.
  4. 2 Cents Worth: Check out this blog for some thoughts on the process of learning at large. It could influence how you teach.
  5. Education Innovation: This blog offers some ways to improve education through creativity and innovation.
  6. Ozge Karaoglu’s Blog: Full of tech tools that can help in the classroom and ruminations on educational issues, this blog can be a great read for teachers of all kinds.
  7. Teaching Ideas and Resources: Find some great tips and tools for improving your classroom performance on this blog.
  8. Teacher Reboot Camp: Visit this site to find ways you can continually challenge and push yourself to be a better teacher and leader.
  9. Free Resources for Education: See what kind of useful resources are out there for teaching and helping your students learn through this blog.
  10. Andrew B. Watt’s Blog: On this blog you’ll find a discussion of lots of technological resources that could work well in the classroom.
  11. Thumann Resources: Blogger Lisa Thumann shares her ideas on how to bring education into the 21st century in this blog.
  12. Darcy Moore’s Blog: Bookmark this site to get updates on using Web 2.0 in the classroom.
You can read all the blog recommendations here.


  1. Thank you for listing my blog. Congratulations! I really enjoy reading your blog in my RSS reader. You have some of my favorite educational technology information!

  2. Great list, so thanks for sharing and Congrats on getting listed as well!

    steph h