Thursday, May 6, 2010

Five tips for asking better questions and why it's necessary for student success was cited today in The Brazen Careerist's post Five tips for asking better questions. If you don't follow this blog I recommend it as I feel my blog in part is about supporting teachers to educate students who will have successful careers. The Brazen Careerist's blog tells employees and employers how to be successful, so in essence it explains how students can be successful in their future which is exactly where educators are preparing them to go.

Here's the tip for which I was cited:

4. Asking good questions takes work – that you have to do yourself.
This struck me during my New York trip as well, because one of my best friends is Lisa Nielsen, who leads New York City Public School technology initiatives and writes a blog about education reform. She is a big advocate of me homeschooling my kids. She says that kids don’t need to learn subjects. Kids need to learn how to ask questions about things they are passionate about. And that’s no small task: First, you have to learn how to find your passions. Then you have to learn how to ask questions. Most adults can’t do either thing well, which is a good argument for taking kids out of school, I have to admit.

I've written about asking questions to help develop your passions a few times. Here are some of the posts related to this topic.

To read the other tips visit The Brazen Careerist post, "Five tips for asking better questions."

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