Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Inform Others of the Harm of Standardized Tests with This Flyer

We are finally reaching a time when parents are standing up for the rights of their children and opting out of tests. Social media has played a great role in this where parents are able to find others from their state who are doing the same thing they are and also discover and share information and resources at sites like the Opt Out of Standardized Tests wiki. They are uniting and getting smarter about their parental right to decide what is best for their children.

Many even are stepping up and spreading the word. To that end, I have created the following double-sided, informational flyer that can be customized and simply printed out from any printer.  Hand it out in front of your school. To your school's principal, teachers etc. Sadly, many teachers and administrators know what they are being forced to do is hurting children, but if they speak up they risk losing their jobs.  They need parents and community members to do this work!

You can see the flyer below and visit and download it here.


  1. Additionally, the tests are expensive, experimental, and controversial. They are starting earlier and earlier, no in preschool. Then, there's what happens to the data, sucked into a student longitudinal database from preschool to first year OUT of high school. Some data can be shared without parent consent according to new federal regs that went into effect Jan. 2012. Security and privacy concerns are real.

  2. Where do you draw the line with standardized tests? Are you claiming that standardized tests should NEVER be used? A final exam in Calculus is a standardized test. I am using the same standard to evaluate everyone in the class. The AP Calculus exam is a standardized test. It's the same standard for evaluating Calculus proficiency for everyone who takes Calculus in high school? Is your crusade against ALL standardized tests or is it a crusade against how SOME standardized tests are used and abused? There is a big difference between the two positions. Please clarify.

  3. What great information! Thank for sharing.