Monday, April 9, 2012

Ten Best Education Blogs

eSchool News has created a time-saving list with 10 of the best education blogs that readers have recommended, that have won multiple awards, or that other educators just can’t stop talking about.  I'm thrilled to be mentioned in the list with all these other wonderful bloggers. I know or follow most of them and look forward to getting to know better those I don't.

Here are the top five listed alphabetically.  

1. Edudemic (social media)
2. Flipped Learning (new ways of teaching)
3. Free Technology for Teachers (free tech resources and tech reviews)
4. The Innovative Educator (creative teaching ideas)
5. MindShift (research, policy, and cultural issues)

To read about each of these blogs and see all ten visit the article at Ten education blogs worth following.


  1. Congratulations on making this list :-). I follow a few of the blogs mentioned, and am now looking forward to adding a few more to my feed!

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