Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A view of #TeacherEffectiveness in the literacy classroom

Across the nation teacher effectiveness is being evaluated according to the four domains of the Charlotte Danielson framework. (You can download the full evaluation instrument here.) This model is valuable because it provides a shared language for effective teaching, however, while many teachers being evaluated are familiar with the evaluation rubric, they may not have seen what this looks like in practice.

If you are one of those teachers, that's about to change.

Teachers College Reading + Writing Proect in collaboration with Charlotte Danielson and the Danielson group has completed a collection of three full observations on film-- that aim to show some of the intersections between Danielson's Framework for Teaching and Workshop Teaching. Each video includes an introduction to that teacher's observation, her pre-conference, observation, and post conference.  
You can watch the observations here 

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