Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Celebrating Success - The #NYCSchoolsTechChat You Won't Want to Miss

twitterchat-3-graphic.pngThe school year is winding down and what better way to end the year than to celebrate success?


Then, you won't want to miss tonight's popular #NYCSchoolsTechChat where we'll give you ideas to ensure your year ends with a bang.  This chat has become so popular, even trending on Twitter, due to the talents of host @Eileen Lennon, the expertise of our partner @Common Sense Ed, and their digital citizenship guru @TaliCSM, and the amazing insights from #NYCSchoolsTech teachers and all the globally connected members of their personal learning network. 

Wondering how they do it? You can find out how to host your own killer chat here.  
I hope you'll join us for today's #NYCSchoolsTechChat at 4 pm EST where we'll discuss the best ways to celebrate student and teacher success and share ways to bring parents into this conversation. We'll look at the best tools for celebrating success.  We'll also look at the sensitive topic of how to celebrate your success in ways so that others don't get jealous. Read @pernilleripp's insights on that topic here.

Here is the question lineup:
Q1 How have you celebrated #students or #teachers in the past?
Q2 How do you determine which achievements should be celebrated?
Q3 What are great #edtech tools to use to celebrate success of #students or #teachers?
Q4 What are some of the benefits for #parents when we celebrate #student success?
Q5 How can we incorporate reflection into celebration?
Q6 How might you cultivate a community of celebration? See
@pernilleripp's post:
I hope you'll be able to join us today (June 1) at #NYCSchoolsTechChat on Twitter at 4:00 pm EST. We want to hear what you have to share!

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