Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Celebrating Success: #NYCSchoolsTechChat Insights

During our latest #NYCSchoolsTechChat we discussed celebrating success where participants shared great ideas to ensure your year ends with a bang.  @Eileen Lennon led another successful discussion of 92 Tweeps who left more than 1.6 million impressions on those who were following the conversation. We also trended on Twitter in the United States. You can check out stat details at the end of this post and read this tip to the success that makes these Twitter chats so wildly popular. 

An #NYCSchoolsTechChat Tweet I will follow up on is this one:
An #NYCSchoolsTechChat Tweet that was packed with good ideas is this one which asked us to select one celebration idea that we would do immediately based on Pernille Ripp's article on topic:
A big thanks to the Tweeps that joined us:
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We had nearly 400 Tweets and RTs in that hour, but if you missed the chat, don't despair. You can read the recap below where I neatly captured them all. Check em out and discover what teachers had to say about how they celebrate success and cultivate a community of celebration. Even though the chat is over, you can still jump in and reply to a Tweet or answer a question to share your ideas using #NYCSchoolsTechChat.

Chat Stats...

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