Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Hottest Posts Everyone's Reading for #BacktoSchool Preparation

This week a new #backtoschool post moves into the top. It asks teachers to consider if the professional development they provide or attend contains the five qualities that are necessary for success. Check out that post to see what those qualities are. Holding strong at the top is a post that outlines how to Move From Lecture to Learning. This post is essential for innovative educators looking forward to #backtoschool strategies that go beyond the lecture.

Also at the top is a topic on every teacher’s mind as they prepare for #backtoschool. Classroom set up and design. This post looks at what various classroom designs are inviting students to do. 

Another popular post asks, “Why Ask Why?” It shares the story of a teacher I met who was excited to stumble upon the idea of asking students “Why?” The post explains that’s simply not enough. We need to go further and help students to become the ones to ask questions and understand what type of question they are asking. 

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