Monday, August 22, 2016

How to Use Livestreaming to Share Genius

Join me live to discuss livestreaming!  If you do, you can even get PD credit for attending as long as your supervisor approves.


You can watch our session in the video below, but before investing an hour of your time, check out details in this post to see what you'll learn and make sure it is right for you.


  • . Learn how to livestream and what platform is best for your teaching and learning goals.


  • Educators who are not afraid to capture and share the genius of themselves and others with the world.
  • The #NYCSchoolsTech educators want to be able to share their genius with the world. Now that livestreaming has become easier to use, we want to figure out ways to do this. We started by livestreaming about a half dozen sessions at our annual School Technology Summit. We want to know how we can take this further.

Essential Questions

  • What platform is right for what purpose?
  • How do we overcome fear and start sharing with one another?
Session Notes
Session notes, where, among other things, you can ask questions and chat can be found at

Who's in the Hangout
#NYCSchoolsTech educators who have been exploring using livestreaming for learning including:
Twitter Profile
Clemencia Acevedo
#NYCSchoolsTech Middle School #SpEd Teacher. Innovator. Runner and Tennis player. Passionate about #NYCSchoolsTech #FordhamDLC #teachingthoughts
Jackie Patanio

#NYCSchoolsTech Instructional Lead @SIBFSC


Patricia Wong
Media Librarian
Technology Liaison
Andrew Liebowitz

Virtual Learning Cafe's are the brainchild Jackie Patanio (@JPatanio) who heads #NYCSchoolsTech in Staten Island. While I've experimented with livestreaming professional learning opportunities in the past, it just never really took off in NYC Schools. Jackie wants to give it another go and I think the time and people doing this, might be just right for this to take off this time around.

HT to Ben Wilkoff (@bhwilkoff on Twitter) for the inspiration for the format which he created as part of Project Roundtable

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