Sunday, October 16, 2016

3 #DigCit Activities to Celebrate #DigCitWeek fr @CommonSenseEd

Digital Citizenship Week is here and continues until October 22nd. Be sure to celebrate with three suggested activities for teachers, students, and families from Common Sense Education.

  1. Pledged to teach kids how to manage their online reputations, deal with issues such as cyberbullying, and conduct themselves safely online. When you do, you’ll get the Digital Classroom Starter Kit for free! 
  1. Students: Create Your Own Pledge (Instructions)
    Students have great ideas about what it takes to be a responsible digital citizen. Talk to your students and have them share their voice by developing their own personal pledges about being good digital citizens. Encourage them to get creative using their favorite tech tools to create their pledges. Think infographics, sketchnotes, animations, gifs, raps, videos, games, and more. Share creations using hashtag #DigCitWeek and tag @CommonSenseEd
  2. Families: Challenge families to have a #DeviceFreeDinner.
    The research is clear. Time together around the dinner table has beneficial results including improving quality of daily life, your children's chances of success in the world, and your family's health. While technology is a wonderful tool to support learning, fun, and bringing people together, Common Sense Education advises that it's also important to balance media and tech use with undistracted face-to-face time.

     #DeviceFreeDinner challenge drives home the message of balance with device use. To take the challenge visit  For ideas for activities for a #DeviceFreeDinner visit Ideas to Grow Learning + Strengthen Relationships During #DeviceFreeDinner
What do you think? Will you use some of these ideas with your school community? If you do, please share your experiences in the comments. Learn more by visiting 

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