Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Get Inspired By & Connect to #CDEtop30 #EdTech Transformers

Innovative educators love discovering and implementing new ideas to update practices that re-imagine and redefine teaching and learning. One great way to consider practices that can be useful where you work is to learn about what others are doing to innovate where they work.

The Center for Digital Education helps make that possible with their infographic that highlights the Top 30 Technologists, Transformers and Trailblazers achievements. Take a look at these practices and see if there is at least one which can inspire you to try to bring this to life where you work.  

In the below infographic (full-size here) you will see these five categories:

  1. Catalysts for Change
  2. Innovative Training
  3. Cutting Edge Tools
  4. Digital Education Support
  5. 21st Century Learning

Want to know more? You can read the details, see the list of awardees, and read their profiles. As you do consider if there is something that stands out that you wish to see implemented where you work. If there is, in the age of social media, access to the source is just a Tweet away.  Each profile includes a sample Tweet and most contain the honoree’s Twitter handle.

Here are 5 sample Tweets to get you inspired:

Below is the "Transforming the Classroom" infographic. Within each category you will notice the various strategies taken to transform education.

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