Tuesday, July 28, 2020

A Better Plan for School Reopening This Fall

Districts around the country are sharing plans for the reopening of schools this fall. In many cases the plans are rather complex and impractical for working families. For example, many have schedules in which students attend school part time, which could involve being in school buildings two to three days per week or having schedules that require being in the building for just the morning or afternoon. It may even vary from week to week.  

Not only is this a problem for families, it could be a problem for districts as the President has threatened to withhold funding for schools that don't fully reopen. Many governors, mayors, chancellors, and superintendents are livid as this puts the lives of students and staff at risk.

However, if we can re-imagine school, there is a way to fully open buildings following Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines.

To find out how this can work, check out my article "A Better Plan for Reopening Schools" in Tech & Learning magazine.

Screenshot of the article "A Better Plan for Reopening Schools"

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