Sunday, July 5, 2020

#CampYouTube for Summertime Activities for Youth

In many places traditional summer camp is not in session, but that doesn't mean that summertime activities have to stop completely. YouTube is bringing #CampYouTube to everyone this summer. This helps alleviate the burden for parents and educators wanting to provide young people with fun and educational activities. There are daily updates on the site which includes the following:

Adventure-themed camps

STEM, Arts, Sports, and Adventure themed camps are designed to help youth learn new skills, stay active, and explore the world. 
Choose a camp to explore: STEM, Arts, Sports, Adventure

Campfire Talks

These provide conversation starters via playlists families can use. The talks focus on how youth can use their voices to make a difference.

Break time

Break time features classic summer camp snack recipes (like how to make ice cream) and craft projects (like how to tie die).

Field Trips

Field trips let youth take a trip across the globe using virtual reality. They can click and drag on their screen to have a look around. The videos can be played in on any device and while they work stand-alone, you can also use a virtual reality device.  

#CampYouTube bingo boards

Families can download #CampYouTube bingo boards and cross off camp activities they complete them.


To make this possible, YouTube partnered with numerous companies such as BBC Bite Size.,, Common Sense Media's Wide Open School, Kahn Academy, Google's Be Internet Awesome, Sesame Street and more.

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