Friday, July 1, 2011

Bring ISTE Unplugged Home - Anytime/Anywhere

If you're weren't able to go to The International Society of Technology Educators conference, you can still enjoy all the ISTE Unplugged sessions anytime/anywhere courtesy of Steve Hargadon and his lovely assistant, Carolyn (aka his daughter).  All sessions and materials (including mine!) can be found at

The Unplugged sessions offered the opportunity for an "unconference" within a "conference.  Participants who had something great to share, but for whatever reason weren't scheduled for the actual conference, just signed up with their session, description, and materials on the "ISTE Unplugged" wiki and plugged in their topic.  All sessions were recorded live via Elluminate and available for listening and viewing any time at

These session offer a great deal of information about the latest tools and ideas for learning innovatively. Here are the Unplugged sessions I participated as either an audience member or presenter.

Title: What's New? What's Good: Exploring Digital Writing
Description: Folks often speak of engagement when they talk about writing in online spaces. But is the "writing" that's occuring in these new spaces any good? Is it worth doing? Is it better than what came before? In this session, we'll discuss where and how you're writing in digital spaces, and we'll take a look at some resources created by the National Writing Project to explore what digital writing is, or isn't.
Presenter: Bud Hunt
Email & Other Links: NWP's Digital IS

Title: The Future of Document Cameras: Taking Learning to the Next Dimension
Immersive. Interactive. Hands-on. Experience how best practices with emerging technologies in document cameras, from wireless mobility to stereoscopic 3D capability, can breathe life into the 21st Century elementary classroom.
Presenter: Nancye Blair
Email & Other Links:Twitter: @engagingedu

Title: 5 Steps to Harness the Power of Cell Phones Even If They are Banned
Description: 94% of Americans under age 45 have a personal learning device that could greatly enrich the way teachers teach and students learn. Unfortunately, many schools and districts ban student owned digital learning devices such as cell phones. In this session we'll discuss how to embrace these powerful learning tools and discover how doing so can enrich student learning even in schools where they are banned with a sensible and progressive 5-step plan.
Presenter: Lisa Nielsen
Presentation Materials: Harness the Power of Cells

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