Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Compilation of work from John Holt - One of The Founders of the Home Education Movement

I have compiled the works of John Taylor Gatto and Ivan Illich, two people who are revered in the world of home education.  Historically, John Holt is arguably the most well-known when it comes to advocating and writing about home education.  Once a famous progressive teacher, he is ultimately credited as the founder of unschooling and one of the founders of the modern homeschooling movement. 

Here is a collection of some of his work.

John Holt (educator) - Wikipedia - Wikipedia provides a general overview of John Holt.  It might be a good place to get started.   

The Holt Associates Website - John Holt started Holt Associates in 1971 as a way to spread ideas and information about how children learn and how schools can be changed to create conditions that foster independent and group learning that are vastly different from the "teach 'em and test 'em" regime we force children into. Today, Holt Associates Inc. acts primarily as a trustee for the work and publications of John Holt. On the sight you’ll find the following resources:
  • Magazines:  You can access every issue of Growing Up Without School in the archives here at no cost.  I’ve talked to home educators who tell me stories of how they anxiously awaited the magazine each month.  Now you can read them on demand for free.  
  • Books:  Find a list of books published by John Holt and Holt Enterprises here.  
  • Reprints:  You can get reprints of John Holt’s writing for publications like Atalntic Monthly and Christian Science Monitor here.
  • Videos:  Here are videos of John Holt explaining how learning can be improved.  
  • Audio Recordings:  Listen to John Holt speak on radio programs and shows like NPR here.
Sandra Dodd’s John Holt page - Unschooling guru Sandra Dodd provides her insight into why she admired John Holt and his work and shares a collection of his writings, quotes and more.

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