Thursday, July 7, 2011

Look Who's All A- Twitter About Education

Me, Diane Ravitch, and Amanda Enclade 
You may have heard that our President made history this week by Tweeting live. Well politicians aren't the only ones who realize the power of social media for connecting, conversing, teaching, learning, and informing.  Innovative educators are also harnessing the power of social media in their work.  Most recently "This Week in Education's" Alexander Russo recognized 70-something Diane Ravitch as the most influential tweeter in the education policy space according to  As reported this week, by "Education Next" Russo, a freelance writer and blogger, remarked sardonically, “a 72-year-old grandmother has won the Internet.” She’s done it not only by linking to columns and articles she agrees with, but by offering bumper sticker–style statements that tend to set the web aflame. For instance, “Accountability is only for teachers and principals, not for students, families, elected officials, district leadership.” Or: “Last places to go to find out how to ‘reform’ schools: Congress/State Legislature/US Dept of Education.”

As I was reading the article and cheering for grandma Ravitch, I read on and was surprised, but happy, to see myself along with many educators with whom I'm friendly and I admire also listed in the top 25 list of educators.  How cool!  I've loved Twitter as a tool to drive and continue conversations and I'm psyched to be recognized among an awesome bunch for doing so.  If you're not following the people below on Twitter, they are certainly worth consideration.  I'm connected with most all of them and they've contributed immensely to my personal learning and I'm sure they will be to yours as well :-)

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