Monday, October 10, 2011

The Children Share The 12 Most Important Things They Want From Teachers

I've been sharing a lot lately about what students want us to know to make their experience in school better.  As a result, a member of my PLN shared via Twitter a wonderful video of her third grade students made inspired by Angela Maiers post The 12 Most Important Things Students Want from Their Teachers.  Hearing the students tell us in their own voices what they want teachers to know is powerful! Watch the video below.  Share it with your students and colleagues.  Think about how we can give our students what they want.
Click this picture to visit the original article where this video is published.


  1. From the discussions with my colleagues and from asking students at Roy H. Mann, I infer that kids want only two things from their schools and from their teachers. They want to LEARN, (they can always tell when they are learning) and they want to have FUN doing it. There is absolutely no reason why those two things could not co-exist. And, there is nothing wrong with teachers having fun teaching AND learning as well. After all, LEARNING is an uplifting, inspiring, innovative and creative process.

  2. Adorable, thanks for sharing! I love "smile--let me see happiness in your eyes." What a great reminder about what's really important!

  3. How did I miss this post!!!! WOW- so awesome!