Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Keep It Real

I had the pleasure of being featured in Life By Me where you're asked to share one meaningful message with the world. I choose "Keep It Real" as my message.  In the article I shared my personal frustrations with a school system that educates children in an artificial setting and dumps them out on the other end with no real connection to who "they" are and what "they" are passionate about. Instead, success is measured by the ability to memorize and regurgitate facts someone unknown to them thinks are important. Unfortunately memorization and regurgitation have little to no value in the world for which they were supposed to be prepared.

Visit this link to read more about why I believe we need to move from our current system where students feel sentenced to boring, irrelevant and disconnected learning to one where we work to help them discover, explore, and develop their passions, talents, and interests so they’re happy and satisfied.

What is most meaningful to you? Your students?

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